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My Week

I am in California for a wedding this week and working remotely next week. I skipped out to Napa for two days w/ some friends and then got back for all the wedding stuff.

We went out the night before rehearsal dinner to Medjool in Mission district that has this clear view of the San Fran skyline. We got the groom completely wasted, ate at some tacqueria before heading back to my aunts apt where he proceed to pass out on the couch. For old times sake we drew a penis on his face w/ a highlighter, just to make sure he can wash it off.

The next morning my friends woke me up and tell me that they’ve lost the groom and have no idea where he is. My aunts place does have a roof and we’ve gone up through the fire escape letter a number of times before. Despite having only been awake for 17 seconds, my first response was “well… have you checked the roof?” a la The Hangover.

The rehearsal was nice a quick. I got some nice shots of behind the scene and the rehearsal dinner. We (well, Brett and his dad) went through a lot of trouble tracking down a keg of Shiner and had to go all the way to Berkeley to pick it up. Dinner was catered by Bonehead’s BBQ.

The wedding went great. No problems or dramas at least none that I can see. Right before the wedding we went up to the roof of the hotel we were at and shotgunned a beer.  We handed the bride’s brother, Patrick, a copy of the the “wolf pack of one” speech on an iPhone for him to read.  We did have one “groomswoman” who got too drunk and one of the groomsmen is a M.D. and he sent her to the ER.  Her blood alcohol was 0.24.  If we somehow stole a chicken, a tiger, and a baby I think we would’ve nearly completed The Hangover checklist.


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