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My Flip-Flopper

Brett Favre came out of retirement.  He didn’t have a good outing in his first preseason game and now there’s talk of division in the locker room about whether Brett should be the quarter back or not.  It was interesting that while I was talking to a friend who’s sick of Favre constantly changing his position on retirement I mentioned that he’s so indecisive he’s probably a Libra like me.  Disclaimer: I don’t blindly follow all this astrology stuff.  I do find them kind of interesting.  Most of what I know I picked up from my sister or ex-girlfriends.  Libras, the broad description is that they’re good at analyzing the pros and cons but if you want them to pick a side it’s darn near impossible.  I’m like that.  Seems like I have trouble with any decisions that will have an impact longer than 24 hours.  When I got home I looked up Favre’s birthday… well, what do you know, he actually has the same birthday as me!

It’s still difficult for me to say 100% what I want to study when I go back for my MBA.  It’s not that I lack direction or don’t know about myself.  It’s just that they really do all look interesting to me and I’m pretty good at each discipline as well.  I’ve done sales, I worked as a trader, studied accounting, grew up in a logistics-centric international family business.  If you go with me to a restaurant where I don’t have a favorite dish, chances are you have to bear with me as I go through each item on the menu.  I have forced myself to make decisions quicker simply by telling myself sometimes that there is no wrong answer when it comes to which sandwich or draft beer to order.  So far I’ve only ruled out Accounting and Information Systems.  I’m trying to be kind to myself to take the time and explore what I want to do.  Meanwhile my mother, the ever stress inducer, keeps telling me to study in something that will have steady jobs after graduation and how I have to get into one of the top school.  It’s really annoying.  I’ve tried that w/ accounting in undergrad, no thank you.  This time around it’s gonna be about what I want.


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