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My Reading List, 10/24

Have you wondered how to use social media to market your business (or yourself)? I just signed up a client who is a personal trainer to help her w/ marketing her business so this week a lot of the articles are related to branding, marketing, and social media.

8 famous brands and their rebranding cost – Graphic Design Blog
My friend wanted to rebrand her business but she actually ended up confusing herself a bit.  Rebranding is an important decision and you want to avoid throwing money at something that ain’t broken and still not getting any results.

26 apps every social media marketer needs to know – Social Times
I personally love HootSuite.  You can link up multiple accounts and schedule your tweets.  My only wish is they can link to Tumblr.

Loyalty lessons from Lady Gaga – Church of Customer

10 social media marketing ideas that the experts are talking about – Social Times

It’s gotta be the shoes – ESPN.com
Doesn’t NBA banning the shoes actually give it credibility?

9 top ways we waste money – Wallet Pop
It’s true, I spend way too much on coffee and energy drinks.

The two most important words in blogging – Copyblogger
blogging and practically everything else!  Here are a few more articles from this awesome site I discovered this week

Things go better with persistent branding – Designer daily
Again, something to think about when you want to rebrand your business.

The consumer appeal of underdog branding – HBS Working Knowledge

The 7 P’s of branding – Brand Channel

The 6 C’s of branding – Dim Bulb

5 reasons why other people will spread your personal brand – Drew’s Marketing Minute
Consistency is key

How to make time for social media – Drew’s Marketing Minute

10 steps to make your facebook fan page shine – Social Mouths
I’ve really enjoyed some of the articles on this site, too.  [subscribe]

10 things you need to stop tweeting about – The Oatmeal

14 power women to follow on Twitter – Forbes
Cross reference with the social media divas list and you’ll know who really to follow.  BTW, I know more women uses social medias, but what about MEN? Where’s the Power Men follow list?

5 unique ways to use Twitter for business – Mashable

Four main ways to monetize a social network – Venture Dig

How to make your social networking stand out – Personal Branding Blog
Again, consistency

Picturing the past 10 years – NY Times

The psychology of prices – Science Friday

Use Twitter lists to build your personal brand – Social Media Today

Growing your brand on Twitter – Parnassus Group


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