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My birthday is coming up and it’s on 10/10/10 this year.  I decided a while back to do something special, maybe like go to Vegas w/ bunch of friends.  I’m very grateful and happy to announce that we’ll be having a party during Austin City Limits weekend at Scoot Inn, 10/7 and 10/8 with performances by Talib Kweli and Amanda Blanks.

My friends at Knuckle Rumbler helped me with the bookings.  We’re having a photo booth, thanks to Annie Ray.  Open bar.  Fake mustaches and plastic sunglasses for everybody.

Talib Kweli is one of my favorite emcee/lyricist.  I think we’ve asked about Mos Def’s availability… too bad we can’t get them both together.  I love all the stuff Amanda Blanks did w/ Spank Rock and her solo projects.  215 in the 512, baby!  Spank Rock was asking for way too much, otherwise we’d book them, too.

So looking forward to seeing everybody there!  Until the, it’s all systems go on MBA app and Swiper Clip.


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