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My RTW Itinerary

Hi yall!

I’m about to leave for my RTW* trip.  You can get hold of me via good ol’ email or Skype me.  I will periodically update this just so my family and friends know that I’m safe and ok.  With all these earthquakes in Asia… who knows what’s going to happen.  Here’s my rough itinerary:

3/28 – 4/4: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa
4/5 – 4/9: Ho Chi Minh
4/9 – 4/12: Bangkok
4/12 – 4/16: Hong Kong
4/16 – 4/22: Taipei
4/22 – 4/24: Singapore
4/24 – 4/29: Cambodia
4/29 – 5/5: Malaysia and then fly out of Singapore
5/5 – 5/21: Spain + language school
5/21 – 5/30: Rome and Florence
5/30 – 6/23: TBD, most likely hiking through northern Italy, Switzerland, and maybe Iceland and the Scandinavian countries.

* – kind of RTW… originally planned to go to Australia/New Zealand and South America but plans change… you know how it is.


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My Travel Plans

Has anyone done a RTW (Round The World) trip before? Please let me know if you have any advice.  I’m planning to take April and May off at the moment.  I’m gonna start off in Asia (and I really want to fit Australia and New Zealand in there somehow as well), hop over to Europe and finish w/ backpacking in South America.

I’m doing this in April and May because most notifications are at the end of March and I want to be home for the summer months in case our customers need help in the peak travel season.  Yes, I’ll probably end up missing Admit Weekend but I think it’s worth it.  You just can’t have your cake and eat it, too.  I’m sure I can make new friends other ways.

I did some estimate cost wise and it’s less than I thought (don’t get me wrong, it’s still a big chunk of change).  It’s gonna be a good challenge for me.  Although I have travel quite a bit, I’ve never really done it by myself.  I’ve always had a friend or my family with me.  Am I gonna be able to strike up conversations with other travelers and make friends as easy as I thought?

I’m still working out some of the details like visas, which backpack to get, how to layer, how to get prepaid phone cards in all the countries I’m planning to go or utilize Skype, how to avoid banking fees, should I bring my DSLR b/c I’m gonna get some amazing pictures or should I leave it at home b/c it’s one heavy mofo and I have to worry about not losing it and data backup etc.

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