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Inspired by the article I came across on Lonely Planet, we decided to hit up some breweries/pubs before heading out to Red Rocks.

Matthew is a big fan of whiskeys.  I’m not as knowledgeable.  I’ll order a Makers on the rocks when I want to just have something to sip on without going crazy when I go out w/ friends.  Coincidentally he ordered a Stranahan’s whiskey, a local Colorado small batch whiskey for me and we decided to hit it up first b/c they open at 10am.

white oakWe were the only ones on the tour so essentially it was a private tour.  Our tour guide was cool and spent more time just chatting w/ us, tasting, and smelling the whiskey.  I definitely have more appreciation for whiskey now.  It was interesting to learn that they char the inside of the wooden barrel and they’re only allowed to use it once.  Then they sell it to companies like Oskar Blues (more on that later) or other wineries and that’s where they get some of the flavor sometimes.

They had a set of different glasses with some whiskey in each.  We tried smelling the whiskeys from each and you truly notice that the glass makes a difference.  Stranahan’s makes their own special glass for $18, whether it really makes a difference and if the $18 is worth it or not, well… you’re just gonna have to go visit and judge for yourself.

We stopped by Vine St. Pub to get some brunch and tried some of their brews.  This one is not on the Lonely Planet article but Matthew’s recommendation.  I wasn’t too impressed w/ their breakfast burrito.  They were barely bigger than the ones you get at McDonald’s.  They have this Java Porter, which is awesome b/c it has coffee in it.  Even me who tends to shy away from porters loved that one.  It was nice to see all the participants in the Tour de Fat w/ their crazy costumes that were gathering at City Park not so far away.

I got a 24-hr membership of these bike rental in Denver you can pick up and return at a different location.  This is the first time I’ve seen this in the States and I was SOOOO happy to see this.  If you were lucky you’d get one w/ a bell!  Overjoyed, we rode over to LoDo and stopped by Breckenridge

Not too impressed w/ Breckenridge Brewery.  I’ll be honest as well that my stomach wasn’t up for all the beer we were planning to consume.  We tried both the regular ($8) and small batch ($9) flight.  The 471 IPA from the small batch was my favorite.  I know a lot of people talks about the Vanilla Porter but it just wasn’t that memorable for me.

Our next stop was Great Divide.  I wasn’t feeling very “hoppy” before so I did a little “puke n’ rally” to empty out some of the contents of my stomach (I know, it’s gross and possibly TMI).  I had tried their Titan IPA the night before and was looking forward to trying some more of their delicious brews.  First four samples is on the house, the next four is only $5.  They have some really unique brews.  The Samurai is unfiltered and taste a little funky to me; I didn’t like it too much.  The Wild Raspberry Ale is a little girly.  I liked the Yeti, Hercules Double IPA, and Hades.

After watching some of the UT game at Big Game where they have this 30ft projection screen w/ three games on at the same time we head out to Red Rocks.  I was really there more for Ghostland Observatory.  There were total seven of us in the group and we snuck in four flasks.  I’ve seen some pictures of Red Rocks but to see it in person is just an eye opener.  I hate how this sounds but I’ve seen quite a bit of the world and it takes something really special to take my breath away.  Red Rocks is essentially a natural surround sound system.  You see Denver off in the distance.  There is a rock wall behind the stage and two more big flippin’ rocks in the back to bounce sound off.  You see this and you have to say that God must have been a music lover as well.

I had no idea the concert was going to last as long as it did.  Half of our group left at intermission.  Yeah, they had INTERMISSION at a concert!  That was a first for me (plus they played Local Natives over the speakers, whom I adore).  STS9 didn’t stop playing until 1am!  I got separate from my friends who went to the restroom and never seen again.  They were both drunk and stoned out of their minds.  Thank goodness I found them back at where the car was parked.

Well, they also had this other kid w/ them, who was like 17-yrs-old and got separated from his sister.  Somehow the kid decided to get in our car and try to meet up w/ his sister at a place that’s easier to access.  His phone was dead and we had chargers in our car.  My friends were just messing w/ him the entire time… poor kid.  I bet he thought we were going to kill him.


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