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My Delayed Gratification

Day 7: Off day.  I can eat whatever I want and rest from P90X.  It’s a good thing, too so I can focus on prepping my interview w/ Kenan-Flagler tomorrow.

guilty pleasureTwo eggs and some shrimps for breakfast.  The temperature in Austin dropped from 80 to 18.  I was craving some spring rolls and pho and this is the perfect weather for that.  I was also dying for some chicken nuggets so I got some.  I’ve earned it… 7, 8 lbs or so in a week (It’s a little imprecise b/c I didn’t sleep the night before and it’s not consistent day to day).

Day 5:
Workout – Legs and Back + Ab Ripper X. I save the workout after my volleyball game (which we lost… brand new team).  This was probably one of the hardest routine b/c my shirt is COMPLETELY soaked after.

Diet – Got a big ol’ salad from Jason’s Deli pre-game.  Post game we went to Doc’s and sure was happy to see they have a grilled chicken entre.  Black beans and mixed veggies for the sides.

80I also got the dumbbells today and I was very glad I did.  Some of the moves are more challenging if add weights and there’s just no way you can do that w/ resistance bands.  Sure it’s not as convenient as the Bowflex version, but it’s way way more affordable.

Day 6:
Workout – Kenpo X.  Eh, this disc is ok.  Just some cardio, kicking, punching, etc.  Some of the moves were challenging b/c my legs, hips and glutes were super sore from the day before.  My knees were also a little stiff.  They popped a couple of times through out the routine.

Diet – the usual chicken and lots of fruits today. orange, kiwi, banana.


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My 7.5

As in lbs lost so far.  Day 5 today.  I’m putting off my workout until after my volleyball game tonight.  Given it’s the first match, I expect we’ll have a lot of players and I’ll end up managing the game and trying to observe everybody more than I actually play but just in case…

The scale says I’ve lost 7.5 lbs.  Hard to say what amnt of that is just water weight… but promising results nonetheless.

Day 3:
Workout – Shoulders and Arms and Ab Rippers X.  I feel it a little more in the shoulders and triceps, not so much in the biceps.  I’m pretty sure I’m gonna switch to dumbbells… probably not the $399 Bowflex adjustable kind, but I found some this adjustable kind by Cap Barbell for only about $45, $50.  The downside is the package only goes up to 20 lbs each side, but I think I can get some extra plates to put on myself.

I can tell my forms are better on the Ab Ripper exercises but it just means they’re that much more difficult to do…

Diet – don’t remember what I eat exactly, just the same old rotisserie chicken, orange, snacking on cashews, soup stuff.

Day 4:
Workout – Yoga X. I moved it up to give me more time to recover for the game on Sunday.  Although some of the moves are way beyond my flexibility and strength level I still really liked it.  It’s really nice to stretch the hamstrings, glutes and hips.  Some of the poses really fires up your stabilizing muscles.  I have trouble w/ balance and flexibility from working in front of a computer so much (btw, Tony tell you to not say “I can’t“, replace that with “I currently struggle with” in your vocabulary in the first disc).  I really like this CD.

Diet – boring stuff… I did go out to Lucy’s with some friends and ended up ordering jerk chicken for appetizer and an ahi tuna salad.  I thought about getting a diet coke.  Technically I’m allowed and I feel like I’ve earned it but I chose not to.

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My Miserableness

Today is Day 3 of my P90X-No carbs diet.  Can I just be brutally honest here? I’m pretty miserable.

Day 1:
Chest and Backs plus Ab from P90X. Had soup made of salmon, tofu, seaweed, bean sprouts, and miso.  It’s a pretty standard diet soup in our house.  For dessert? 2 oranges.  Repeat for dinner plus 2 ears of corn.

Food wise it wasn’t so bad.  Usually what kills me is the fact I can’t drink milk.  I had some homemade soy milk (no sugar) instead.  My dad did make these sticky cakes that we see more around Chinese New Years called Nian Gao, which is made of glutinous rice and pan fried and of course I couldn’t have any.  They were just sitting on the table… so tempting.

Exercise was ok, too.  I didn’t really feel the burn using resistance bands during the session but I did the next day, but I still might consider getting some dumbbells.  There were a lot of different kinds of push ups and my wrists were giving me problems b/c I’m a big guy.  I did some on my knees in the second round and I think I’m gonna go get some push up bars for sure to get more effective result.

I’ve done Ab Ripper before and I didn’t seem to struggle as badly as the first time around, but boy… this Tony Horton is a sick mofo.

Day 2:
My sister was in town so we went to County Line and no, I didn’t cheat.  I got the turkey platter instead w/ coleslaw and beans.  No yummy bread w/ butter, no soft drinks like I always.  I think technically pork is white meat, too and I could’ve gotten sausage and baby back ribs but I thought they’d be too fatty and didn’t get them.  Dinner I had some snap peas and rotisserie chicken.

I played tennis with my sister’s… boyfriend/fiance? Not sure what their status is right now so my legs were already a little tired for the Plyometrics.  Did it upstairs in front of the TV, might put it on a laptop and go to the garage next time because I dogged it a little since I was scared I’d make too much noise when I land from my jumps.  My shirt was completely soaked.  I know I worked hard today.  No complaints.

I’m really sore.  I don’t know if I can keep this up everyday.  I especially don’t know what to do on game days when I have league volleyball games…

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My Workout

I got a copy of P90X and Amazon finally delivered my stuff and I’m starting today. I’ve tried some of the workouts that doesn’t require any additional equipments like the Ab Ripper, Plyometrics, X Stretch and it’s a really challenging workout. I did abs and plyo on back to back days and on the 3rd day I was so sore I couldn’t put my pants on in the morning. I laid on my bed and wiggle my way into them instead.

This might be crazy but my buddy suggests I go on this diet we went on before that was mentioned on Tim Ferriss’ site where you don’t eat anything “white”, or basically processed carbs. I think I lost about 17 lbs last time in a month and my friends that I did it with all lost in the range of 15 lbs as well.  I guess I might have misread some stuff the first time but apparently you could eat carbs within 1.5 hrs of resistance training but last time I cut them all out completely and no red meat.  I also remember he said to work out differently, whereas normally you would life w/ say a 3 second up and 1 second down, he suggested you do 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down.  For example, when you do bicep curls, the time it takes you to life the weight up is 10 seconds as oppose to 3 and another 10 seconds to lower the weight as oppose to the 1 before.  You’re basically lifting REALLY SLOWWWWWW.

We’ll see how it goes this round.  Hopefully I can get the month of diet in before Mardi Gras get here.  I’m planning to go to New Orleans with my friend Mian and the diet plan doesn’t allow alcohol.

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