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I’ll admit some of the stuff I think is cool is probably really geeky.  I was just listening to an interview w/ AFLAC’s CEO on Motley Fool Money.  Well, the image of a duck came after an ad agency said that it sounded like a duck.  That’s not the cool thing.  The cool thing is that AFLAC has a huge foot hold in Japan, and to adapt to Japan’s culture, they got rid of Gilbert Gottfried’s voice b/c Japanese doesn’t like loud abrasive voice/people.  On top of that, usually in an American ad, only one person or nobody notices the duck b/c many people feels like they’re being ignore and this relates to people.  In Japan, however, this is consider rude, so EVERYBODY in the commercial engages w/ the duck.

I just think that’s so cool and good for AFLAC to acknowledge and adapt to a different culture.  If I was a brand manager I hope I’m wise enough to take things like that into consider.


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