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What do you think of the video below?  Does it make you want to go to McCombs MBA more?  Some students from McCombs put it out.  I actually know someone in the video.  I’m pretty sure this is not an officially endorsed video by the school as a ploy to recruit students.  Key words: pretty sure, I could be wrong.  This somehow made it to the Texas Exes blog.

I did my undergrad at McCombs and I can’t help but shake my head the entire 4:59 of the video.  Here are some of my burning questions:

How come you have the time to put together a video? – As an MBA student, shouldn’t you be so busy you barely have time to sleep.  Between classes, group projects, organization meetings and recruiting you have time to film and edit a short movie?  Maybe you are super man and do everything in half of the time it takes everybody but chances are people are thinking maybe McCombs doesn’t take academics that seriously.

This is for MBA? – This might be cooler if it was bunch of undergrad students, but it is quite tacky to try to appeal to the more mature prospective MBA students.

Stereotype much? – Some female students already feel like MBA program is like a meat market and you’re gonna portray them as such even more?  Also to think that all women are just there to find a rich husband (that’s what a MRS degree is btw)? Of course, it’s a rap video, so you have to put a black guy in right? b/c only black guys can rap.  we might not know if that’s true or not, the white guy in the video certainly can’t.

Where’s your sense of professionalism? – using a song that has the word that means the male ejaculatory fluid in it? MBA is a professional business program, not film school.  Why not throw in more pop culture or internet meme references than just the Old Spice one, like double rainbow or Dos Equis’ most interesting man in the world (well, I should stop giving them ideas).

Point is: you would not see this video from the top schools.  I’m not going back for my MBA so I can extend my college drinking days two more years.  The project might have just been an attempt to humor and lighten the mood during finals, but if it was meant to recruit prospective students? to use another pop culture reference: EPIC FAIL WHALE


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