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My Road Trip Game

Last weekend my friend Vivek and I decided to take day trips outside of San Francisco.  We’ve already been to the city plenty of times, but we’ve never ventured outside of public transit service areas.  We decided to head south to Monterey/Santa Cruz area and hit up Half Moon Bay as well on Sunday and Point Reyes and Muir Woods/Beach on Monday.

Traffic is bad as always.  That’s the thing w/ California.  Lots of places to go and things to do; too bad 100,000 people will have the same idea as you.

Instead of the Punch Buggy game kids play where the first person to spot a VW Beetle and shout the color gets to punch the other person, we did it w/ Honda Fit, or Honda Jazz in the rest of the world.

Honda Fit gets identified as part of a hipster trend, much the same w/ other products, because it is flippin’ cheap, e.g. PBR, American Spirit.  We all know how unemployed and broke hipsters are.  Let me also just say, there are a lot of Honda Fits out here in SF.

The game reminded me of this video.  Here it is for your entertainment:


btw, Vivek’s mom and one of his brothers drive a Honda Fit, so it’s not really fair b/c he can spot a Honda Fit by just the tread mark or the shadow.  I eventually got tired of it and called the game.


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