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  • 10 remote island vacations – Frommer’s  [travel]
    I usually prefer Lonely Planet over Frommer’s, but this one is actually pretty cool
  • Favorite Bangkok dishes – Austin Bush Photography  [food, travel]
    Man, I miss Thailand. I have to say, my knowledge of Thai cuisine is somewhat limited to tom yum goong, pad thai and jok
  • 20 meals that are worth the trip aborad – Journey, etc  [food, travel]
    I can understand the pork bun in NYC since they’re talking about Momofuku and maybe even tapas in Miami, but blini and caviar in Lima, Peru?? big head scratcher there…
  • Entrepreneurs who launched companies for under $150 – WSJ.com  [entrepreneurship]
    pretty inspiring. I like the DC food tour guy the best I think
  • Why working at home is both horrible and awesome – The Oatmeal  [funny, entrepreneurship]
    This is hilarious because it is so true
  • Is Facebook worth $33 billion? – DailyFinance  [business, social media, trading]
    This might surprise some people but I’d short Facebook, especially if it’s gonna take them until 2012 to go public
  • Best Trails – National Geographic Adventure  [travel]
    I’ve done 0 out of 30 of these trails.  I should get cracking…
  • College in America [infographic]
    70.7% of Asians between age of 25 to 35 has a college degree.  That’s pretty nuts.
  • What to learn this school year [business]
    By Guy Kawasaki; I especially like #4 to 6.
  • Secret to happiness – Discovery Health
    Spoiler: It’s what you always thought it might be but would never admit
  • Fisheye, macro, and wide angle camera phone lenses – Photojojo  [photography]
    Maybe if I had an iPhone 4.
  • The music of “Inception” exposed – NPR All Songs Considered Blog  [music, movie]
    Big fan of Edith Piaf, but even I had no idea what Zimmern did to mirror the concepts in the film
  • Why Jim Keyes is one of the worst CEO’s in the world – Los Angeles Times  [business]
    I’ve met Jim Keyes before and I was not impressed. If he had stayed at 7-Eleven longer I think he would’ve drove that into the ground. Either he’s really worthless or he makes terrible career choices
  • FRIED BEER at the Texas State fair this year – The Dallas Morning News  [food]
    Goes great w/ your fried salad
  • 40 cool business cards to enliven your creativity – SloDive
    I just recently designed my own business cards… not as creative/expensive as some of these though
  • 10 useful iPhone keyboard shortcuts, tips and tricks – Mashable
    You need iOS4 for some of these
  • INEBRIATION (Inception parody/spoof)
    My favorite parody so far
  • Look at this f**king hipster, dinosaur edition [funny]
    again, funny b/c it’s true, especially that American Spirits dinosaur holding a PBR
  • Who said it: Bush or Obama? -Howstuffworks.com 

    I got a 7/10
  • Lady Gaga @ Iowa St – YouTube
    Thanks for trying Iowa St. I’ve been to your campus, it sucks
  • Two days in Reykjavik – Lonely Planet [travel]
    Technically three days.  Pretty spot on according to my Icelandic friends.  Wanna go so bad.  And kidnap a puffin through airport security like someone tried to do w/ a tiger pup in Thailand
  • Riding the rails in India – Lonely Planet  [travel]
    My Indian friends agree on the ticket booking craziness but this article only skims the surface and a little on the touristy side
  • Stove for the 21st century! – Noob.us [gadget, food]
    Don’t even tell me what the retail price is. I might pass out
  • Insect eggs – National Geographic [photography]
    done w/ the help of a scanning electron microscope

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