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During my most recent Skype chat w/ my parents and my sister they both mentioned how come I haven’t lost any weight, which caught me by surprise. I know they think I must be walking so much, but honestly the food in Asia is so good, so cheap, so diverse, and so widely available… how could I lose weight?

In Singapore and Malaysia I got to tried a lot of new food, especially convenient with its Chinese, Muslim, and Indian cultural background. You have your Chinese, Peranekan, Malay, and Indian food, made available at all sorts of hawker centers at 2 or 3 dollars a piece.

First there’s Hainan chicken. There’s one in Maxwell food center near Chinatown called Tian Tian that is so good I went back three times (in case you were wondering, yes, Bourdain went there, too). I could eat this everyday until the day I die of cardiac arrest. The rice is smells so good. The chicken is soft, tender, ans juicy as if it was cut from an angel’s thigh. Add a little ginger paste and chili sauce, it’s really quite awesome.


Then there’s ayam goreng, or basically Malay’s take on friend chicken. It’s smaller which is easier to cook, less greasy and doesn’t feature the crispy skin like in the States. In this part of the world they eat w/ a fork and SPOON. I suck at this. C’mon, how do you cut w/ spoon?? I usually end up just picking the sucker up and gnaw at it.


Briyani is this Indian fried rice thing. I love fried rice. If I knew how to make this it will be the death of me. My knowledge of Indian food is somewhat limited. Other than samosa, naan, lassi, and chicken marsala I’m pretty much clueless (and chicken marsala I learned even isn’t real Indian food, it’s American Indian food, like how sweet & sour pork is American Chinese food). My friend told me it’s made w/ “ghee” which is this clarified butter/lard/lip gloss thing b/c after you have briyani your lips will definitely glisten w/ risidual ghee.


Speaking of Indian food, I haven’t even had the chance to get into the sweets. There are so many I don’t even know where to begin. I had some barfi and it’s pretty killer. Anything made from condensed milk is awesome.

Laksa is all sorts of deliciousness. Although I don’t see how you’d eat this hot bowl of noodle soup this close to the equator. I’m guaranteed to sweat buckets when I eat this. It’s a Peranakan (Malay + Chinese) dish. Smoky coconut flavor w/ lots of kick, sprinkled w/ some prawns and cockles. If you get the Katong version though it’s sour… it didn’t sound appealing so I didn’t try it.


That’s it for now. Bon apetit!


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My Food Jammers

Does anybody watch Food Jammers on The Cooking Channel? It’s really starting to grow on me.  Sure, some of the graphics they use might not be exactly to my taste and maybe could use a little work but the content of the show is quite fun.

Each episode is some kind of a project.  It’s like combining a cooking show with a home improvement show.  The most recent ones I can remember is where they built a hot tub for shabu shabu out of horse watering trough and another one they built a contraption to cook and serve dumplings from all over the world (samosa, pierogi, ravioli, etc).

I wish I was more handy.

Let me know if you like the show or what you like about it!

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My Reading List, 11/7

Five ways to turn your living room into Carnegie Hall Paste Magazine   [music]

7 healthy fall super food – The Daily Green   [food]
Pick some up at your farmer’s market!

The coolest small cities in America – GQ   [travel]
Wow, thank you GQ! I’m surprised by some of the tips and recommendations in here, including Hominy Grill in Charleston, SC and J’s Oyster in Portland, ME.

What to do when travel stinks, literally – Budget Travel   [travel]
TSA compliant products

Top 7 emerging destinations in the world – travelanthropist  [travel]

Napa‘s top secrets – Budget Travel   [travel]
This article is legit. Check out the Oxbow Market and The Preiser Key, but skip the Old Faithful Geyser

Top 10 extreme destinations for Thanksgiving – InventorSpot   [travel]

New spin on food trailers – Entrepreneur   [business, food]
By far the most interesting article I read this week.

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Sorry for not posting the links the past two weeks.  I had my GMAT to deal w/ and last Sunday was my birthday 10/10/10.  I just didn’t have the time.

11 ways money can buy you happiness – CNN Money
What happened to hookers and cocaine?

The dim sum guide for dim sum virgins – dimsumpop.com   [infographic] [dim sum] [food]

10 things CEOs need to know about design – JESS3   [business] [design]

How to choose the right colors for your brand – Inc.   [business] [design]

Facebook brand pages pay off – AdWeek   [branding]

Top five leadership mistakes and what to do about them – Entrepreneur.com   [leadership]
This is also why Donald Trump is a shitty leader

7 things you really don’t need to take a photo of – The Oatmeal   [photography] [humor]

Persuasion tactics of effective salespeople – Harvard Business Review   [sales]
kind of common sense if you’ve been properly trained in sales

A salesperson’s seven deadly sins – Harvard Business Review   [sales]
More interesting article from the Steve W. Martin

Four things VCs look for in a star-up – Entrepreneur.com [VC] [Start-up]
The Four M’s

5 steps to better photography – Digital Photography School   [photography]

Famous skulls – artnet

Best photography iPhone Apps – Travel Gear Blog   [photography]

How to get more out of your trip – Lonely Planet Blog   [travel]
By far the best set of travel tips. except #25. Seriously, throw your guidebook away.

Five places for lovers of art deco to visit – BrilliantTrips  [travel] [art]
Mmm… Valencia

No sleep in Reykjavik – Frommers   [music] [travel]
Iceland Airwaves Fest combines two of my favorite things: music and Iceland (duh), and it’s not just Sigur Ros playing 24/7

10 seminal books for world travelers – Flavorwire   [travel]
Wow, I feel dumb. I haven’t even heard of some of these books before

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My Reading List, 9/26

Spectacular building constructed using beer crates – DVICE   [beer, architecture]
~ 33,000 beer crates on the wall, 33,000 crates of beer. you take one down, pass it around…. ~

Surprising truths about 10 famous brands – Graphic Design Blog   [design, business, branding]
There’s a reason why it’s not called Packard-Hewlett

10 dead simple gmail tips, tricks & shortcuts – Mashable   [tips & tricks]

Another reason why Facebook is terrible? – The Washington Post   [facebook, social networking]
I’m not that big of a fan of fb myself, but I don’t see what the big deal w/ this youropenbook.org thing is. Isn’t this like able to search people’s tweets?  I do love the opening though: “an ocean of banalities shared among person w/ lives so empty they echo”

Ninjabread Men – instructables.com
this totally kicks gingerbread men’s ass

The 10 most important gadgets – Epicurious.com
Want an immersion blender and the rabbit corkscrew so bad.  My birthday is coming up ~

Top 10 new foods at the 2010 state fairs – Endless Simmer
Fair food is not just about funnel cakes anymore

What would happen to your hand if you stuck it in the Large Hardon Collider –  BuzzFeed

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Believe it or not, I’ve actually never spend time inside of Denver proper.  I’ve been here to go snowboarding in the mountains, but never actually hang out in the city.  I’m not counting when we came back from Vail on Super Bowl Sunday and watched the game at someone’s apt either.

My friend Matthew talked me into going to the STS9 and Ghostland Observatory concert at Red Rocks.  I figured I’d make a stop on my way back to Austin from Denver.

I didn’t get in until 7:30 or so, which was fine cause Matt works late, too.  We only had one goal that day: GO TO BUCKHORN EXCHANGE.

Matthew had been there maybe once or twice at most before me.  We had a reservation at 8:40pm; plenty of time to stop by his apt and then take the light rail out.  We stopped practically right in front of Buckhorn.  After no more than 3 steps off the light rail I can smell the steak in the air.

They have all these deer, buffalo and games heads on the wall.  As if that’s gonna make me feel guilty.

Of course, we had to have the mountain oysters.  I’ve heard of them but never actually had them.  This is probably the first time in a long time that I have had second thoughts before consuming something.  My first bite was w/ the yellow dipping sauce in the picture and it was a little bitter.  I thought that’s what mountain oysters tasted like and I almost stopped eating it right there.  They were chewier than I thought.  I thought they’d be a little squishy for some reason.  When I say chewy I don’t mean though.  They just have a very light snap to them, like a very light rubber band.

Someone commented on my check-in on facebook and said to get the rattle snake dip.  So we did.  I didn’t like it.  Couldn’t taste the rattlesnake AT ALL.  It almost taste like tough, overcooked catfish.

Of course, we couldn’t leave w/out trying some of their crazy steaks.  I did a combo w/ elk and buffalo but decided to try the ostrich as well.  The buffalo was my favorite.  Very lean and flavorful but soft.  The cherry reduction sauce they have on the elk was a little overpowering.  The ostrich was nice but a little tough for my taste.

(clockwise from the bottom: elk, ostrich, buffalo and a rare NY strip Matt ordered)

We met up in LoDo just after the Rockies game was finished.  I didn’t drink a whole lot.  Honestly, my stomach just couldn’t fit anything else in after all that meat.

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Baby face is a challenge in star-up – WSJ.com   [entrepreneurship]
Written by Captain Obvious

The real stuff White People like – OkCupid
and black people, latinos, and asians as well

The anatomy of determination – Paul Graham   [entrepreneurship]
Talent is overrated

12 coolest search engines you’ve never heard of – Madras Geek
I like the radio locator search engine

Improve your creativity – the skinny on
This is why I love the note pad app on the iPhone

Food by colour designboom [food, photography]
The red and the purple was my fav

30 creative minimalist print ads – Graphic Design Blog   [design]
It’s sick how much McDonald’s spend on marketing…

Why and how to become an early riser The Art of Manliness
I really should change my sleeping schedule

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