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My Happiness

This might be my favorite TED talk so far.  Someone turned me onto TED recently and I’ve been going through some of the talks.  Some of the talks I find lacking in content and originality a little bit plus the delivery can be sub par as well.  There has been a couple of the videos where at the end I’m left asking myself: “what was the point of that talk again?”

I love this talk because of the Dan Gilbert’s stories and humor.  Those of us that have focused on public speaking or communication are all familiar with the PEP method, aka Point-Example-Point or my friend David Brook‘s simpler method: Tell a story, make a point.  People might not remember the point, but they remember stories way easier and they can associate the point of the speech from there.

The main point of the talk is the discussion of synthetic vs. natural happiness.  Natural happiness is what we have when we get what we want and synthetic is what we make when we don’t get what we want.  It’s just a little ironic that we can manufacture the very thing we seek when the parameters are bounded.  The freedom and free will God gave us might even seem like it’s designed to make us unhappy.  We worry and stress about how thing could be, instead of embracing how things are.

Happiness can’t be found.  I’m reminded of a quote from my Southwestern book selling days: “People are as happy as they want to be.” – Abe Lincoln.  Accept the things you cannot change.  Happiness is a simple decision in your head to be happy with what you’ve got as oppose to miserable with what you don’t have.

That’s what I got out of the talk.  How about you?


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