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Don’t even sure what time we woke up exactly.  We went to Snooze for brunch.  Apparently 45-minute (sometimes 2 hrs) wait is the norm, which is great for people to buy a bloody mary or mimosa at the bar.  Matthew and I both got the bloody mary, quite spicy actually.

I have to say though, the food is the bomb.com.  I got the omelet w/ feta cheese and green chili.  From the first bite of the toast I knew this place was different.  Nice wheat artisan bread, not the plain boring kind you get at like Denny’s or other cafes.

Not sure where they hire the staff from b/c they were all hot totties.

We head out to Longmont to Oskar Blues, Matthew’s favorite micro brew.  It’s about 45 minutes from Denver.  I gotta say, after tasting a flight and going on the tour Matthew has turned me into a believer.  Old Chub, a Scottish style ale, tastes similar to Guinness (I know that’s Irish) but much lighter and smoother.  The Gubna I had the first night in Denver, 10% ABV, hits you way up front from the second it’s in your mouth and delicious all the way down.  Dale’s Pale Ale is real nice and hoppy, nothing like the wimpy piss water you get from the likes of Miller or Budweiser.  There was also another one we tried, I think it was the Smoke on the Water stored in Stranahan’s whiskey barrels that was just… well, smokey.  Ok, dark, stormy and complex.  Is that better?

From the tour you can really tell the culture of Oskar Blues.  It’s really laid-back, independent.  One of the employees there was on a skateboard from one end of the factory floor down to the other.  They have these mardi gras beads tied to an empty cans of different Oskar Blues beers as preparation for the Great American Beer Fest that was coming up the week after.  They hooked us up w/ bunch of stickers for free advertising.  I also got a pint glass, which is practically free after the $5 discount.

This was one of the whiteboards in the plant.  It’s quite hilarious if you ask me.


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