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My Coachella

One of the items on my music bucket list for a while now is Coachella.  I’ve always heard about it and people talking about it as well as Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza as the big major music festivals.  Living in Austin is convenient to go to Austin City Limit and SXSW and this year I decided to venture outside of the 512 to check out Coachella.

I’m w/ a group of friends  of about 10 others, going the hotel route.  Another friend is going w/ the camping route.  I’m gonna quickly write about some reactions/surprises/lessons, positive and negative, about my experience so far.

  • Palm Springs: Retirement community.  Should’ve expect stores and restaurants to close a lot earlier.  The mountain in the background is really stunning.  Not a view you see everyday.
  • Driving to Coachella: I heard advices for people not to drive b/c it’s just a huge cluster fuck but someone in our group did a little research and found a quick way to get there
  • Empire Polo Club: The grass is a beaut.  I suppose they have a bigger grass upkeep budget than the City of Austin.  There’s also a lot of non-music stuff around or just acts that weren’t on the main billed stages.
  • Lineup: Flat. Out. Awesome. It’s a lot more diverse than the ACL target audience
  • Schedule: I had no idea that they play to 1am.  I believe ACL usually wraps up around 10.
  • Logistics: My theory is that the mess on day one was b/c of the fact Coachella decided to sell only 3-day passes this year. Rumors that some scanners were broken and shut down an entrance.  In the end they didn’t even have enough wristbands for everybody and we stood in a line that was at least a mile long (not exaggerating) for 3 hours.  More on this later.

Word(s) of the Day: Bottleneck  and Clusterfuck, as in Coachella did not clearly identify the possible bottlenecks and lead to a huge clusterfuck of people confused and pissed off standing out in the heat.  (Also spelled as two words, cluster fuck)


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