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My Weakness

Well, Brett Favre is coming back.  I know a lot of people are sick of his waffling, but I understand him in a slightly different way.

You see, Favre is a Libra.  Libras are known to be indecisive  How do I know this? Well, b/c I’m a Libra myself.  In fact, Brett Favre and I have the same birthday 24 years apart.  But some of you already knew that, didn’t you? Of course all this astrology stuff should be taken w/ some salt, but as far as Favre and I go, it’s pretty accurate.

It is a weakness.  I can’t imagine someone out there going “I wish I was more indecisive!”  All admissions comm will probably ask about your weakness.  It’s not really indecisiveness though, it’s more the fact that I like to consider all the options before I make a decision.  This goes back to me as a strategic thinking kind of guy.  I literally will have decision tree expanding out in my head.  If Plan A doesn’t work out I can go to Plan B, from there on I have Option 1, 2, and 3.  Option 1 I can go about it this and that way and same for Option 2, and 3.  So you see this decision tree grows rapidly until I feel I can determine the possible ways I can work to arrive at the optimal outcome.

Sometimes I catch myself doing this, and I have to remind myself that inaction is an option as well, and like all the options it comes at a cost.  I’ve also trained to force myself to make a decision if it’s a seemingly inconsequential one or I know if things didn’t quite work out I can make changes or somehow remedy it.  What I do most often is to consider the few more important factors, if not only just the most important one, make a decision and go w/ it.

You might be thinking, if you’re indecisive, how can you work successfully as a trader?  Don’t you have to be quick on your feet?  Well, that’s a valid question, and my answer is the that it’s the same as Favre standing in the pocket reading the defense.  We’re just in the moment.  We see and we react.  Overtime it just becomes part of reflex.  However, if you do give me the time to make a choice, I will take all the time in the world.

In my opinion, the worst way people could’ve approached the whole Favre thing w/ the Packers, the Jets, the Vikings… and the Vikings is to tell him, “Hey, take all the time you need Brett” because he will.  Give him a deadline.  You’ve got to tell us either you are in or you are out.

Of course, this is not a post about how much Favre and I have in common.  The man has accomplish so much for me to think that I’m on the same level as Brett Favre.  It’s just that I’ve been brainstorming for admissions essays lately and this news came out inspired me to address the age old “what’s your biggest weakness” question.

Brett, I wish you the best this upcoming season.  You’re not playing on 10/10 but Monday Night Football on 10/11 against the Jets instead.  I hope you’re doing this for you, but judging from the part of the press conference I watched it sounds like you’re doing it for your teammates.


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